Baby Boomer Makeup Tips


As one’s skin and facial contours adapt to the environment and physiological aging process over time, their approach and philosophy to beauty tends to and should change as well.

Case in point….

The best thing anybody can do at any age is to take care of their skin from within.  Makeup magic can only go so far, so better to be mindful of what is going inside your body, which is what I have found to have the most impact on my skin.  But even if you have a stellar complexion in your 50s, this happens….

And it really shouldn’t.

Here are some tips for adapting your makeup to the natural changes that occur with age.

Change colors
From cooler colors/blacks/grays to warmer earth tones/browns.
Minimize products with red undertones; anything remotely artificial looking is exponentially aging.
From brights to neutrals.

Change textures
From shimmers and metallics to satins, satin mattes, and pearls.
From powders to creams/emollients.

Change techniques
Use eye shadow as eye liner instead of liquid or gel, or if you use a pencil, ensure that it is kohl and easily smudged as per the following tip.

Opt for smudging, blending, and hazing versus defined lines and edges.  If everything is smudged and well blended you get the definition without bringing any unwanted attention to any one area.  The contours of the face and eyes are not as smooth and tight, and very defined lines will immediately sell you out.

When applying eye shadow, first dip your brush in a matte skintone shade and then a more shimmery shade to help mask any crepiness or fine lines.

Always moisturize prior to applying base products.

Apply base products in very thin and blended in layers.

Apply blush (preferably emollient) on the outer cheeks starting in line with the outer edge of your iris.

Only powder where absolutely necessary, and if possible don’t powder at all, and use blotting papers instead.  Powder is the enemy of aging skin.  At least ones that I’ve come across.

Spend more time evening out complexion and counteracting shadows, an even and bright complexion will go farther than more eye and lip products.

Don’t pluck or thin out eyebrows (although you really should have stopped that 20 years ago – talking to my future self).

Do pluck out/remove any other unwanted facial hair, this is made easier by not personifying or naming them.

Use highlighting products that have very refined or no shimmer, and that register more as a glow.


These are just practices that I’ve learned from others and have picked up along the way and are by no means comprehensive, I will continue to learn and seek out new ideas that work.

As intelligent design would have it, my mother fits into this category and graciously/courageously agreed to let me do her makeup.  Isn’t she lovely?







and for the lols…sorry mom








  1. Thanks for contrasting me with those other awful pics. You didn’t say anything about Kiki’s makeup. We had such a fun time. Thanks Sweetie!

  2. Leslie Hawkins

    Wow! Leslie looks amazing in this pics and the makeup is so fresh. I really wish I could get my mom to change her mask makeup look and go this route. Leslie mentioned this blog to me and I love it. I am hooked on another makeup blog and now this makes two. Beautiful, Leslie and Lindsay! Love the laughing pics too!

    • Lindsay Lewis

      Hi Leslie!

      Thanks so much! This was so much fun, share it with your mom too! I welcome any suggestions and requests. :)

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