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Because “tis’ the season”, I created a fresh and natural rosy coral bridal look and have included tips for bridal and photography friendly makeup.

The products I used are listed at the end.

Bridal makeup straddles a fine line between looking tasteful in real life while providing adequate enough impact for photography.  The makeup needs to:

Be long lasting and possibly able to withstand climate variations

Keys to achieving this include using long wearing and waterproof products, sufficiently priming and setting the makeup, applying products using thin and well blended layers, and using techniques to ensure longevity.  Such techniques include but are not limited to layering cream and powder counterparts, blotting excess moisture at various stages, lining and filling lips with lip liner prior to applying additional lip products, and using setting powders and setting sprays.

Have little to no light reflection

This means that the makeup should not reflect light, whether sunlight, ambient light, or flash from photography which can distort facial features and coloring in photos.  Products that contain light reflecting pigments, glitter, minerals, and SPF tend to have this effect.  To create facial dimension, opt for textures that will absorb light such as mattes and satins, and impart highlight using products that produce a sheen and not an abundance of pearl .

Be timeless & classic, and emphasize features

For photographs and footage that can be admired and appreciated forever,  avoid makeup trends that clearly identify with a date/decade/era.  The goal is to emphasize and not modify or exaggerate facial features and to remain recognizable to yourself and loved ones on the day and for years to come.  Use eyelash enhancements whether full strip, half strip, or individual false lashes or even eyelash extensions.  I view this step as one making the biggest difference in the outcome of the photos.

Look flawless in real life

Strive for complexion perfection.  As for ensuring longevity, apply base products in thin well blended layers.  Dedicate more time to concealing and correcting blemishes and discoloration, versus laying foundation on thick.  Use as little product as possible.  Perform appropriate color matching, the face should match the chest which should match the back which should match the arms, hands, and any exposed skin really.  Use flattering neutral colors and tones, and blend all lines and edges well.

*My thoughts on airbrush – I like it for those with noticeable texture and/or unevenness.  I adhere to the same principle of thinly applied layer/s.  I don’t prefer to use airbrush over a good foundation.  It can tend to look “overdone”, and not necessarily mimic skin texture.  It is ideal for editorial uses.  That being said,  my experience with airbrush does not go far back.

Products Used

Armani Luminous Silk mixed with Le Blanc de Chanel illuminating base

Marc Jacobs “Lover” eye shadow palette

Napoloean Perdis radiance primer on the top of the cheek bones

Charlotte Tilbury Rock n Kohl in Verushka Mink

Half lashes, Ardell 318

Chanel longwear lip color in bright rose

Lip liner in Nude all over

Marc Jacobs blush in Reckless

Illamasqua blush in Katie

Shiseido High Beam White

Suqqu brow pencils in moss green and brown

Laura Mercier translucent powder

TL;DR: Look like an entirely matte version of yourself but better.



  1. You make a beautiful bride! your mom :-)

  2. Steven

    I agree. Your Dad.

  3. It’s fantastic take you the time to explain all of this on your blog, I can forward my clients to your site to see how you do make-up before a they meet you at the photo-shoot. Can’t wait to work with you!

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