Naked 2 Palette Look #1: 1980s


Welcome to another iteration of my Obligatory Naked Palette Tutorial Series!

I’m infiltrating my Naked Palette themed series with another themed series….[insert Inception reference].  How crazy is that?!

Because it wasn’t enough to crank out five perfectly acceptable “run of the mill” makeup looks, I insatiably have to assign further; apparently themed criteria.  Decade makeup.

I present my take on 80s makeup, starting with the 80s because it was the decade of my birth (NFI).

Makeup in the 80s is characterized by a colorful palette and large and dense placements of everything.  There is not enough time and space to dedicate to 80s hair, so we’ll table that one 😉

Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, the photos don’t register as intense as in real life.  It was a real test of my will to continue applying blush.  I used the following shades out of the Naked 2 Palette:


I went for purples, pinks and reds for this 80s rendition.

I blended “Tease” from the lash line to just under the brow bone, and in a slightly square-ish – let’s just say quadrilateral – shape, providing a blendable base for the next shade.

I placed “Busted”, again in the same shape to the outer lid and concentrated it in the outer crease to a very defined corner.  I used the same shadows to heavily line and blend my lower lash line and extended it up to meet the lid.  I added more “Busted” as necessary to further define the outer crease.

I then patted “YDK” over the center of the lid, followed by placing “Bootycall” on the inner lid and tear duct area.


I loaded up the inner lash lines with black kohl pencil and “Blackout”.

I wanted a strong reddened pink blush, so went for a mix of Mac’s Fleur Power and Frankly Scarlet on the cheeks and temples, followed by a moderate application of bronzer – which might as well have ditched my face in the picture.

To get bright red, coral, pink lips I mixed Mac’s Cockney and Razzledazzler.




Hi face.

IMG_3645 IMG_3646

Do we want the 80s, and all that it entails, to make a comeback? Too soon?

If nothing else, I have the soundtrack of Flashdance in my head.



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