Naked 3 Palette Look #3: Soft Daytime Smokey Eye


Welcome to another look in my Obligatory Naked Palette Tutorial Series!

I pulled myself away from Candy Crush Soda Saga long enough to post this easy and natural everyday smokey eye, which is the first of three variations.  That music!  Those sound effects!  Before the shakes set in, let me explain how I achieved this look 😐

N3 smokey day


Tools used:

Essentially, large and small tapered blending brushes, a flat lid brush, and a smudge brush.  Thanks Google!

This is very easy and effortless; and per request I’m going to ‘step it out’ (!!) below:

1.  After priming (a must with all of the Naked palettes), I used my bronzer – MAC Give Me Sun – to provide a warm transition/blending color in between my socket and brow bone.  I used a large blending brush for a large diffused placement, and because I have a lot of real estate.  Bad metaphor, I know.

2.  I used “Nooner” on the small blending brush to add extra depth to the outer socket and provide a complementary transition color before the lid color.

For me, this also serves to balance out my deep set eyes where my brow bone is more prominent in the center, so concentrating more of the deeper shading in the outer area evens out my eye contours.  For someone with a less prominent brow bone and socket, they could place the crease shading wherever they feel it best suits them. (more to come on this in a later post).

3.  To finish the “foundation” for this smokey eye, I used a black kohl liner – MAC Smolder – to roughly line my upper lash line, and quickly proceeded to blend it upwards into a soft gray haze with the smudge brush.

4.  I then patted “Mugshot”, with a flat brush liberally over the lid, mostly concentrating on the outer 3/4, while then using the other side of the brush to pat “Burnout” on the inner 1/4 of the lid into the tear duct.

5.  I used “Strange” on a now clean-ish blending brush, either one, to blend under the brow bone and around any discernible edges.

6.  Using the smudge brush again, which still has some black kohl liner on it, I took some “Factory” along my lower lash line.

7.  I used a nude liner in the waterline to counteract any redness, and give a more wide eyed look to this daytime makeup; as well as added about 5 individual lashes to each eye.

More pictures?  More pictures.

IMG_5363 (1)


Face & Lips

Nars Sheer Glow foundation, MAC “Give Me Sun” bronzer, Stila convertible color “Gerbera” on the apples, and a mixture of Lime Crime Coquette and Rouge Bunny Rouge Irreverence on the lips.  I can’t not mix lip colors for some reason.





I tried natural lighting for this one, the sun really is everything its cracked up to be.


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