Original Naked Palette Look #1: Steely Purple Smokey Eye

Welcome to the first look in my Obligatory Naked Palette Tutorial Series!


Steely Purple Smokey Eye AKA “Sunreyes” (…get it??!)

Apologies, as the photo quality could be improved.  I have no excuse, it’s not a new camera.  I’ll get better.

For this look, I attempted to channel a beautiful sunrise I saw the other day while driving to work; I don’t think I ever took note of the actual colors that register in a sunrise.  Referring back to my handy dandy little notebook, I quickly scribbled down (at a stop-light people) “blue/gray to purple/pink/peach”.  Quite profound no?  Better yet, the color scheme lined up perfectly with a preconceived steely purple smokey eye that I wanted to pull from the palette using:


Primed eyelids with Mac Painterly Paintpot

Patted Gunmetal all over lid, focusing on the mobile area, using flat packing brush.

Patted Hustle over Gunmetal, focusing up to but not in the crease, using other side of same flat packing brush.

Carefully and softly blended lid colors to diffuse slightly into crease, with a small-ish fluffy crease brush.

Placed Buck, using same small-ish fluffy crease brush in outer crease and blended up and slightly in to develop gradient.

Placed Naked on a clean fluffy crease brush and further blended Buck to just under brow-bone.

Placed Toasted on the same fluffy crease brush and blended a light wash over and slightly above Naked to give a pink hue.

For an unexpected tear duct (never thought I would say that), placed Half-Baked in a V shape on the…you guessed it.

You could leave the brow “highlight” area clean, or you can pat a flat brush into naked and then into sin, tap off excess and dust slightly under brow bone for a highlight.  I did this and then took a clean sponge applicator to wipe off excess, which left a nice highlight without extra shimmer.

I used Mac blush in Canteloupe for a warm leaning neutral cheek; and mixed Mac Fashion City with By Terry Terrybly Nude lipstick for an understated lip.  My lips are hideous at the moment, chapped and cracked-ness lending itself to picking and therefore further chapping and cranky-ness.


IMG_2330IMG_2329I have a few more looks from the original Naked Palette before moving on to Naked 2, stay tuned!


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