Original Naked Palette Look #4: Cut Crease

Welcome to the fourth look in my Obligatory Naked Palette Tutorial Series!

cut crease a millionHey hey hey!

Despite my naturally occurring cut-crease (i.e. deep set eyes with pronounced crease) I’m always determined to “do” a cut-crease look b/c they are just so COOL!  On a spectrum of 1 to 10 of complexity, with 10 being very graphic (a la Kristiana) my little guy sits at maybe a 2.  I tried to make chicken cacciatore out of chicken sh*$ using:

chicken shitDamn girl!

1.  I primed my lids with a white-ish creamy base, determined to wear these shadows to their fullest potential.

2.  To provide a blendable base, I threw Naked haphazardly from upper mobile lid to just under brow bone with a fluffy crease brush.

3.  Wetteded-ed (?)…Dampened a teensy weensy flat detail brush (Wayne Goss’ 07 to be exact), and placed darkhorse in a thin line mimicking my natural crease, tapering off towards the inner part of my eye.

4.  With the same brush, I spent a lot of time densely packing Buck just above and slightly on the Darkhorse crease line to create my preliminary gradient for further blending up.  I ensured to keep the bottom line of Darkhorse clean and crisp.

5.  I used a smaller pointed blending brush to carefully blend Buck upwards, still being sure to keep the area under the crease to the lid clean.  I repeated packing Buck and carefully blending until I achieved my desired opacity.

6.  At some point, maybe even before mapping the crease line, I took Sidecar and Toasted in that order on a flat packing brush in an attempt to achieve a more pinky peach toned, non fall-out-ey textured lid color.  I got the tone I wanted, but I also got the fallout :(

7.  To diffuse the upper crease gradient even further I place Naked on a clean small blending brush and blended Buck out further to just under the brow bone, where I then used the smallest amount of Virgin for the brow highlight and to blend down into the Naked.

8.  Lots more blending ensued, dirtying lots more blending brushes.


cut crease 2cut crease look down

9.  I threw Virgin in the inner tear duct and b/c I was feeling crazy I threw Sin on the inner lid, not sure that did much but it happened.

10.  I used a black gel liner, set, smudged and softly winged out with creep using an angled liner brush, as to not compete with the sharp crease.

11.  I used the black gel liner and Creep again on the bottom waterline, and smudged it out further with Buck.

12.  I threw on some simple strip lashes.  Yeah right, I waged war against the damn things for a good 20 minutes, who am I kidding.  Lashes are not my strong point.

13.  As you may have guessed, I put on my base after the eyes and a fair amount of glittery brown fallout cleanup.  I finished the face with Illamasqua blush in Lover for an apricot hue, and to match I used some combination of By Terry Guilty Nude, and By Terry Love Me Tender on the lips.

cut crease 3 cut crease your momIf I were to do this again, I would add a small amount of blush to the upper crease to tie the eyes in better with the cheeks and lips, but I’m generally happy with how it turned out.

Is it bad that I’m looking forward to moving on to the Naked 2????

Laters xoxo





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