Original Naked Palette Look #3: Soft Smokey Metallic Brown

Welcome to the third look in my Obligatory Naked Palette Tutorial Series!

smokey browns 1Obligatory Naked Palette Tutorial Series Look # 3: Soft Smokey Metallic Brown

No, I do not have a third eye growing out of the side of my head.  That eye belongs to Rambo, my Jack Russell Terrier who is stealing my thunder.  Typical.

For this simple understated and versatile eye look, I used:Untitled

as follows:

Patted Smog over the center of the lid in layers until I achieved desired opacity, using a flat packing brush.

Using the other side of the flat packing brush, I patted Darkhorse on the outer half of the lid, shaping the outermost edge into a “U” bringing it slightly up to the outer crease.  I layered Darkhorse as necessary to my desired intensity.

Using a small pointed fluffy crease brush, I placed Buck in the lower crease to blend out the edges of the lid placement, and blended it up slightly to diffuse.

Using a larger fluffy crease brush I blended Buck up and out using Naked, up to just under the brow bone.

I used Halfbaked to highlight the tear ducts and blended it slightly into the first third of the lid.  I applied Halfbaked using my favorite “small highlighty” brush from MAC.  You know, the small highlighty one! Not helpful, I know.

I mimicked the colors and placements on the lower lash line, spending some time blending together and down, using a combination of Buck and Naked to lend a hand.

For liner, I wanted to keep with the warm shimmery browns, and so used MAC’s Kohl eye pencil in Teddy to line the upper and lower waterlines as well as placed a small line hugging my lashes.  Speaking of lashes I added a few individuals in a rounded placement to most flatter the smokey eye.

brown smokey 2smokey brown 4brown smokey 5

For blush, I used the multitasking yet understated Rockateur from Benefit; and on the lips I used a Suqqu lipstick, the creamy/glow formula, in the number EX-04 (SORRY!! Don’t have the name at the moment).

I’m purposefully excluding details on brow products and their use, b/c I’m experimenting with different colors, textures, formats, etc. at the moment and admittedly have not established one tried and true brow method.

2 more looks coming from the original Naked Palette!  xoxo





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