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My dear and longtime friend Ayperi was kind enough to let me “color by numbers” on her face.  I say this because applying makeup on her is essentially fool-proof, as you can see she’s stunning, and a natural :-)

Want to know what I used?

Titanium Smoke I Titanium Smoke II








Let me give you a better look at the textures:

Artificial light

texture I








Shaded Natural Light

texture II

ayperi closedI primed Ayperi’s eyes with Mac’s paintpot in painterly, and then with a large fluffy crease brush I softly defined her crease with Illamasqua’s Heroine eyeshadow.

I placed and blended the matte-er colors before getting into the glitters, as to not blend and hence disperse glitter throughout my screened in porch.

I defined the outer part of the crease with the deep blue gray shade, creating a soft “u” shape by blending towards the outer lash line.  I kept this dark color on the outermost part of her eye, and proceeded blending the light satin icy blue through the middle to inner crease.  I repeated these placements on the bottom, keeping them close to the lower lash line.

AyperiAyperi IIWith a small flat packing brush I carefully placed the indigo glitter shade on the outer half of her mobile lid, building up intensity as necessary.

With the pale gold glitter shade, and the other side of the same packing brush, I transitioned her inner lid; in an attempt to avoid critical mass I did the tiniest amount of precision blending between the two glitter shades.  I also took the pale gold around the inner eye lid and under the tearduct.

I gave Ayperi a slightly winged liner and rimmed the upper and lower waterlines with a black gel liner.  This was key for making everything brighter, especially her brown eyes, because of the contrast it provided.

I lightly filled in her eyebrows, which by the way I think are the “David” of eyebrows if you know what I mean. Perfection!

I gave her four to five “sets” of kiss lashes on each eye, using a combination of short ones on the center lashline and medium ones on the outer lashline.Ayperi IV

I mixed two shades of Armani Luminous Silk foundation to get Ayperi’s tawny match, and evened out her already pretty flawless complexion.  I concealed and highlighted with By Terry’s Touch Veloute in Cream.

I did light contouring with Kevyn Aucoin’s sculpting powder in medium to put some dimension back in her facial features, and I used Mac’s Mineralize Blush in Warm Soul which gave a good neutral balance to the cool toned eyes.  I added Marc Jacob’s blush (I really like these!…..yes I may have more than one) in Outspoken to her apples to give a nice cool-toned flush….dog lick

…at which point my dog licked.all.the.makeup.off.

Infinity thank you’s to Ayperi for gracing my blog!! Now, on to the next recruit……..


P.S. I’m thinking I should start including a picture of all products I use for each post and/or list them out in more detail…?  A la all the decent bloggers 😉

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